Our Reviews

Our Reviews

Sylvia Lippa

This day care centre has been a lifeline to my father and family. After years of caring for my dad, we were struggling to find a place to keep him happy and active.

Unfortunately, due to his mental health issues it was hard to find a place where he felt safe. I also, as his daughter and carer wanted somewhere that would be a home from home and would look after dad with love and compassion. We were very lucky to find it here. From the moment we went to see it dad settled.

Michelle and Mike are a godsend and it feels like we ae leaving dad with family. It is fantastic that he is now socialising with people his own age.

This is so much more than care. He has recently been diagnosed dementia and without this place, it would be a daunting prospect to face, with Michelle's

and Mike's help things will be much brighter for dad and us. Their guidance and care makes huge difference in our lives. I cannot recommend this

place enough for your loved ones.

Debi Jones

I'd like to say huge thank you to Michelle and Mike w run the Active Minds Day Centre in Marldon Road, Crosby.

At the grand old age of 94, mum needs a quite a bit more looking after now, which is obviously difficult when you both work full time and the centre is a Godsend. She goes three days a week and they have absolutely everything she could wish for films, dancing, a lovely garden where they go to listen live music (weather permitting), and even a nice glass of Baileys before lunch.

I think I'll book in there myself! The main thing about the centre is the kindness that is shown to everyone who goes. There are never too many people there. So everyone gets individual attention. Mum tells me she's even got a 72 year-old toyboy who she dances with!!

Thanks again to Michelle and Mike, you';re doing a wonderful job..

Sandra Kinsley

And what a wonderful Christmas party it was.

Well done and a big thank you to Michelle and Mike and all your caring staff who look after and entertain your clients in such a professional way. The kind of social interaction you provide is invaluable. And for this, and all your hard work, we are very grateful.

Happy Christmas.

Ann Connor

I popped in to pick mum up and e party was in full swing, most up dancing. Was lovely.

Thank you by o all who organised it.

Brenda Lloyd

What a lovely party. Food gorgeous. All ready for Christmas decorations lovely. The entertainment was brilliant.

Thank you all for a great afternoon...MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.

Laurina King

Fantastic Michelle. Wishing you all the very best in your endeavours. God be with you. You are amazing.

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